Thursday, 12 July 2012

From the controller to the silver screen

When a video game gets a film adaption I usually groan,even if I am a fan of the game and if your asking yourself why it's because it will usually be shit(excuse my French).In this blog I will explain what I think will improve the quality of film adaptions of video games.

Getting the plot right in anything is vital and you may be thinking "well it must be easy to make a film from a video game considering the plot is already planned out"you would think that but no,because your main audience will mainly consist of fans of the video game and they do not want to see 2 hours of the same plot that they spend hours playing through.How do you solve this problem?simple just make some minor changes to the plot this will keep the fans happy to see the old parts they played but will also give them something new so they don't get bored

Characters are a vital part to any film,video game,story etc.many fans would be a fan of a video game because of its characters and to change the main characters is a big no-no because it can lead to many fans getting angry and causing you to lose much of your potential revenue.

It will potentialy be years before we see a good film adaption of a video game but as long as we get past the terrible ills like(Mortal Kombat and Max Payne)and we will start to see good adaptions like hitman